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It's a Slice Mini Cake

It’s a Slice mini cakes are individual treats covered with melted candy you’ve colored to resemble a watermelon. And these seeds will never be a problem: they’re mini chocolate chips!


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Tint a portion of melted white candy light green and a portion darker green (mix yellow and blue colors for green).

Step 2

Place mini egg cake, flat side down, on cooling grid positioned over cookie sheet. Cover with melted light green candy.

Step 3

Before candy sets up, place melted dark green candy in cut disposable bag and pipe random darker lines to resemble watermelon rind. Let set.

Step 4

Turn over cake so flat side faces up. Add red candy color to melted white candy to achieve a watermelon color.

Step 5

Ice top of cake with melted candy. While candy is still setting up, push in mini chocolate chips for seeds.

Optional: Dark green candy may be used to pipe a rim around edge of watermelon slice.