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In the Birthday Swing! Cookies

Send guests home with fun on a stick. Set royal icing monkey figures and iced-cookie gifts atop cookies formed in our Round Cookie Treat Pan to create fanciful and flavorful favors.


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Step 1

Combine Brown with Red-Red for brown shown. In advance: Make monkey's head and gift bows. On waxed paper covered board, using royal icing, pipe tip 2A ball head (flatten and smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch) and tip 3 outline bow. Pipe tip 5 ears. Add tip 5 muzzle and tip 3 inner ears. Pipe tip 2 dot nose and outline mouth and eyes. Attach icing decoration hat to top of head and let dry overnight.

Step 2

Make cookies. Prepare dough and roll out. Cut gifts using square crinkle cutter. Press remaining dough into cookie treat pan with cookie stick. Bake and cool cookies.

Step 3

Decorate cookies. Position round cookie on cooling grid over cookie sheet; cover with thinned royal icing and let dry. Ice gift cookie smooth with royal icing; pipe tip 3 outline ribbon. Let dry.

Step 4

Use tip 3 to pipe outline vine on round cookie; attach head. Pipe tip 2A ball body (flatten and smooth) and tip 5 outline arm and legs; attach gift. Pipe tip 2 fingers and toes. Pipe tip 3 tail. Wind curling ribbon around cookie stick; tape to secure. Pipe tip 352 leaves on vine and stick; let dry.