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Ice Cream Sundae Cake

Ice Cream Sundae Cake has true Neapolitan flair! Each cake tier is covered with scoops of ice cream you top with fudge sauce, whipped cream and a cherry. This ala mode dessert can be made with smaller cakes or fewer tiers for fewer servings.


Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult


Step 1

In advance, scoop ice cream balls and freeze. Drain and dry maraschino cherries; set aside.

Step 2

Ice 2-layer, 3 in. high cakes smooth, icing sides 1/2 in. thick, and prepare for push-in pillar construction. Place each cake on turntable; comb sides with Icing Sculptor, using pink blades, curved side out. Pipe tip 18 rosette bottom borders.

Step 3

Shortly before serving, place frozen ice cream balls on cakes. Using a cut disposable bag, pipe fudge sauce over ice cream and top edge of cake, flowing down sides. Pipe tip 32 rosette in whipped topping on each scoop. Position cherries on scoops for 10 and 14 in. cakes; position candles on scoops for 6 in. cake. Sprinkle scoops with rainbow jimmies.

Step 4

You may also use the Dessert Whipper Pro with its classic whipped cream recipe for rosettes; use tulip tip included to decorate.