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Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

For a cool summer treat, make some Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies. The cookies and the ice cream centers are cut using a shaped cookie cutter. Wrap completed sandwiches in plastic wrap and keep in freezer for snack-time!


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

*brand confectionery coating

Step 2

Tint dough with a combination of Lemon Yellow and Brown to create ice cream cone color. Roll out dough and cut 2 ice cream cone cookies for each sandwich needed.

Step 3

Using spatula, score lattice pattern on half the cookies; bake. While cookies are still warm, imprint score lines again.

Step 4

Tint melted candy peach (light orange) using Primary Colors Set and green and pink using Garden Colors Set.

Step 5

Using spatula, cover top of scored cones with melted candy; add nonpareils. Refrigerate until firm.

Step 6

Let vanilla ice cream soften, spread approximately 3/4 in. thick in cookie sheet.

Step 7

Place cookie sheet in freezer to harden, cut ice cream cone shapes with cookie cutter.

Step 8

Sandwich ice cream between two cookies. Keep frozen until ready to serve.