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House On The Hill Cupcakes

Build an edible holiday centerpiece! Decorate a cookie house for the top of the Dessert Stand “hill”. Position cupcakes on the “hillside” planted with cookie trees and decorated with snowmen and gingerbread boy icing decorations.

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Difficulty: Easy
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Step 1

Prepare and roll out dough. Cut one 3 1/2 in. high house cookie, one medium size round cookie (using cutter from 101 piece set) and 12 mini tree cookies.

Step 2

To create 2 easels for house, cut a 3 in. triangle. Cut triangle in half lengthwise. Bake and cool all cookie pieces.

Step 3

Using green royal icing, pipe tip 2 zigzags on trees; sprinkle immediately with nonpareils.

Step 4

Decorate house cookie with royal icing. Pipe tip 2 yellow windows and door window (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch); let dry. Outline windows and door with tip 2 in white; sprinkle immediately with nonpareils.

Step 5

Pipe tip 2 zigzag wreath in green. Pipe tip 2 dot doorknob in white. Pipe tip 4 band eaves in white; attach mini candy-coated chocolates; let dry.

Step 6

Attach snowmen icing decorations with royal icing on each side of door. Attach cookie easel to back of house with royal icing; let dry. Ice round cookie with royal icing and position house cookie on top.

Step 7

Spatula ice cupcakes with buttercream; position trees and icing decorations on cupcakes. Position cupcakes on stand.