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Hopping High-Rise Cake

Hopping High Rise cake takes 3-D design to new heights. A decorated Pre-Baked Bunny Hutch sits on a separator plate “treetop” that’s attached to the top of a Tall Tier Cake Stand column that’s been turned into a tree trunk!


Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult


Step 1

In advance, make 25 pickets and mold 6 bunny and 20 tulip candies: Place picket pattern on cookie sheet, cover with parchment paper; outline and pipe in with white candy in cut disposable bag. Let harden at room temperature. Tint portions of white candy pink, yellow, violet, green and black using candy colors; mold tulips and bunnies using painting method. Refrigerate until firm; unmold.

Step 2

Assemble bunny hutch following package instructions. When attaching house to cardboard base included in kit, cut hole in center of base to allow space for cap nut. Mark window and door patterns with toothpick, outline and pipe in with melted candy in cut disposable bag. Pipe in window boxes, flowers and shutters with candy; let harden and pipe horizontal lines on shutters; add dot doorknob. Attach caramels for chimney with royal icing. Attach mini wheat shingles to roof and over door with royal icing.

Step 3

Turn 8 in. plate face down. Cut 7 dowel rods to 4 in. long and tape horizontally to underside of plate for branches. Pipe tip 21 lines in royal icing to cover rods; let dry overnight. Turn plate over. Glue legs to bottom of 14 in. plate with super strength glue. Ice 1-layer cake smooth with buttercream and prepare for center column construction. Attach two 6 1/2 in. columns, secure to bottom bolt, position 8 in. plate on top and secure with top cap nut. Pipe tip 21 royal icing lines over top of plate and continue to cover tops of rods for branches.

Step 4

Build up tip 21 lines on columns to resemble tree trunk. Remove icing on trunk in door and window areas with spatula. Pipe-in tip 6 door and window (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch). Attach pickets with buttercream, 1 in. apart on cake sides. Attach tulips with dots of melted candy. Pipe tip 233 pull-out grass on cake top and bottom border in buttercream. Pipe tip 366 leaves on branches. To make lantern, cover mini marshmallow with melted yellow candy; let set. With melted candy in cut disposable bag, pipe black lines and red and yellow flame. Pipe tip 6 top with royal icing; attach lantern with royal icing. Position house on top and add bunnies and icing decorations.