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Home for the Holidays Gingerbread House

It’s the Ultimate Gingerbread Kit. Complete with trees, red and green pinwheel mints, candy-covered chimney and a rainbow of color and everywhere you look. This generous-sized house would make a wonderful centerpiece on your table all holiday long.


Difficulty: No Reviews



1 gingerbread house.

Techniques Used


Step 1

Prepare 2 remaining packets of icing as needed, one at a time. Set aside 1/2 of the icing from the last packet to use later for snow around the house (keep reserved icing covered with a damp cloth).

Step 2

Fill decorating bag with SMALL round tip with icing.

Step 3

Decorate trees: Using a rolling pin, flatten mini jellies (use 1 per star). Cut into stars, attach to treetops with dots of icing. Decorate with zigzag garland. Attach mini red/white/green candies. Decorate tree with dots. Set aside.

Step 4

Decorate windows on all 4 sides of house. Using a rolling pin, flatten mini jellies (use 1 per window). Cut into squares for windows. Attach with dots of icing. Outline windows with zigzags. Decorate side and back windows with curtains. Cut mini jellies into pieces and attach for curtain ties. Attach mini red/white/green candies around windows and decorate windowsills with icicles. Attach icing decoration faces in front windows. Cut jelly rings in half and attach above windows. Cut jelly rings in fourths, attach one above each half jelly ring and add dots of icing.

Step 5

Decorate a door on the front of the house. Using a rolling pin, flatten 1 mini jelly. Cut into a square for door window. Outline window on door and door with zigzags. Decorate window with curtains. Cut mini jellies into pieces and attach for curtain ties. Cut mini jellies in half and attach around door. Cut a mini jelly in half and roll into thin rope. Roll in granulated sugar. Shape and attach for door handle.

Step 6

Create a wreath above the door by attaching whole spearmint leaves in a circular pattern. Attach mini red/white/green candies. Cut spearmint leaves in small pieces and attach on top of whole leaves. Flatten mini jellies, cutout and shape a bow, attach to wreath.

Step 7

Decorate all sides of house with dot snowflakes: pipe dots in a circle, then add a dot in the center. Decorate around snowflakes with random dots.

Step 8

Cover seams of house with zigzags.

Step 9

Using a spatula, ice roof. Decorate chimney seams with zigzags and attach mini red/white/green candies. Decorate roof with zigzag garland. Cut mini jellies in half and attach on garland. Attach cherry sours at garland points. Attach jelly rings on roof peak. Fill decorating bag with LARGE round tip with icing. Decorate roof and chimney edges with icicles. Attach mini red/white/green candies on chimney top. Attach pinwheel mints on eaves.

Step 10

Using a spatula, ice snow on base fluffy. Cut spearmint leaves in half lengthwise and attach around base of house. Attach pinwheel mints for walkway. Position trees.