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Home, Scary Home! Cupcakes

Create this possessed mansion with creepy cupcakes topped with tombstones and placed on our Haunted Mansion Disposable Cupcake Stand. Easy and fun!


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

To make tombstones, add black melted candy to white melted candy to create gray. Make light and dark gray shades. Reserve some candy black. Position tombstone cookie cutter in non-stick pan. Use melted candy in cut parchment bag to pipe light gray candy 1/8 in. thick in cutters; tap pan to remove bubbles. Refrigerate to set. Make approximately 24 for cupcakes.

Step 2

Use dark gray candy in melted in cut parchment bag to pipe designs on tombstones. Use reserved black candy to print messages on tombstones. Refrigerate until set. Bake and cool cupcakes. Mound icing on cupcakes with spatula. Use tip 233 and green icing to pipe random clumps of grass on cupcakes. Position tombstones in icing. Assemble Haunted Mansion Cupcake Stand and position cupcakes.

*Combine Leaf Green with Lemon Yellow for green shown.