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Holiday Haven Gingerbread House

This house is a bright beacon for the holiday season. Mini multi-color round candies trail around the doorway and all around the base of the cottage. Lattice windows and jelly round shutters add such a festive holiday feeling.


Difficulty: No Reviews



1 gingerbread house.



Step 1

Divide prepared decorating icing in half. Use half for decorating the house now, the other half for adding, "snow" around house later (keep covered with a damp cloth).

Step 2

Fill decorating bag with 1/2 cup icing.

Step 3

Decorate seams of house and under eaves with straight lines. Attach mini multi-colored candies to house seams with dots of icing.

Step 4

Outline front door and fill in with zigzags (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch). Attach candy round for window on front door with dots of icing. Add mini multi-colored candies to doorframe and for doorknob. Attach candy rounds for awning above door and attach mini multi-colored candies to candy rounds with dots of icing.

Step 5

Outline windows and decorate with lattice. Attach mini multi-colored candies to window sides with dots of icing. Cut gum drop rings in half and attach to sides and on top of window with icing. Decorate icicles on windowsills.

Step 6

Ice roof smooth. Decorate scallops on both sides of roof and add mini multi-colored candies at the beginning and ending points of each scallop. Attach candy rounds to roof peak and eaves with dots of icing. Decorate roof peak and eaves with icicles.

Step 7

Ice snow on base fluffy. Ice walkway smooth and line with mini multi-colored candies.

NOTE: Additional candy may be required.