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Historic Gathering Cookies

The first Thanksgiving was surely a Historic Gathering. These cookie pop characters represent the Indians, Pilgrims and “guest of honor” you might welcome to your holiday table.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Reserve small amount of plain cookie dough. Tint half of remaining dough skin tone. Tint other half of dough light brown by adding cocoa powder and kneading into dough.

Step 2

Roll out tinted dough and cut out heads using middle size circle cutter from set. Roll out plain dough and cut turkey feathers using maple leaf cutter. Sprinkle feathers with colored sugars. Bake and cool all cookies.

Step 3

Using candy colors, tint portions of melted white candy black, red, light pink, yellow, green and orange.

Step 4

Mold mini leaf candies for headband feathers: use painting method and orange candy for veins; refrigerate until firm.

Step 5

Use marbleizing technique link to and orange, yellow and green candy to complete feathers; refrigerate until firm. Decorate all heads using melted candy in cut bag to pipe dot eyes and cheeks, string mouths and hair.

Step 6

To make pilgrim girl hat, place large and medium size circle cutters on parchment paper-lined cookie sheet. Fill with melted candy and refrigerate until firm. Unmold and cut 1 1/8 in. from bottom of large circle for brim. Attach medium circle to brim with melted candy.

Step 7

To make pilgrim boy hat, pipe a 2 1/2 in. diameter candy circle on parchment paper for brim, mold a cordial cup for hat; refrigerate until firm. Attach hat to brim with melted candy; pipe band and buckle with melted candy; refrigerate until firm.

Step 8

For Native American boy and girl, pipe headband directly on cookie using melted candy in cut bag. For girl?s braids, cut 3 1/2 in. licorice strings, twist together and trim to 2 1/2 in.; attach bottom pieces together with melted black candy.

Step 9

To make bows, roll out spice drops and cut with scissors in bow shape. Attach to braids with melted candy.

Step 10

For turkey: Using melted cocoa candy in cut bag, pipe 1 1/4 in. oval body and ball head.

Step 11

Pipe beak, eyes, wattle and wings. Pipe feet on parchment paper, refrigerate until firm, carefully remove and attach to turkey with melted candy.

Step 12

Attach hats, headband feathers, leaves, braids and sticks to cookies with melted candy.