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High-Voltage Christmas Gingerbread House

Build a High-Voltage Christmas scene using a Wilton Pre-Baked Gingerbread House Kit. This design adds extra candy trims, cookie “people,” and ice cream cone trees to your winter wonderland.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

In advance: Take thick foamcore board or cardboard and wrap with foil. Make trees. Stack 2 or 3 cones for taller trees, use single cones for others.

Step 2

Working from bottom, pipe rows of tip 12 elongated bead branches. After piping each row of beads, flatten slightly by running spatula over top of beads.

Step 3

Overlap rows of beads as you work toward top. Attach mini candies and spice drop halves to trees; add tip 5 pull-out snow. Let dry overnight. Prepare gingerbread and cut 9 head cookies (3 used on back) using medium Cut-Out. Bake and cool.

Step 4

Assemble house following kit directions. Using toothpick, mark 2 in. square side and top front windows and 3 in. square bottom front window; mark door and door window using pattern.

Step 5

Ice door and windows smooth with spatula. Pipe outline panes on door window using tip 5 from kit.

Step 6

For front windows, cut fruit slices lengthwise in half and attach with icing for shutters. Pipe tip 5 outline curtains on bottom front window. Attach mini chocolates around all windows and for doorknob.

Step 7

Attach stacked jelly ring, hollow center candy and mini chocolate above all windows and door. Attach spice drop halves above windows and candy cane ledges below. Pipe tip 5 seams at house corners; attach mini chocolates.

Step 8

Ice roof smooth; pipe tip 5 pull-out icicles on eaves and chimney. Attach cherry sours and mini jelly halves on roof. Attach pinwheel mints on eaves, mini jelly halves and candy canes on chimney and jelly rings at roof peak.

Step 9

Decorate gingerbread heads. Pipe hair and facial features with tip 5. Attach heads in windows.

Step 10

Ice base fluffy. Attach jelly ring halves around house and walkway. Attach spice drops and mini candies on alternating rings. Cut spearmint leaves lengthwise in half; position under windows for bushes. Position trees.