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High Pop-ups! Candy

Catch them on the fly! Even the quickest moving kids will screech to a halt to grab a high-flying lollipop formed using our Sports Large Lollipop Mold.

Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Mold all-white baseball lollipops; chill until firm. Add outline stitching using melted red candy in cut parchment bag; chill until firm.

Step 2

Place lollipops on waxed paper-covered cake board. Using royal icing, pipe tip 1A ball heads, tip 3 dot hands and pull-out fingers. Pipe tip 1 dot eyes, nose, ears and outline mouth. Pipe in cap with tip 3 (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch); add tip 1 dot button. Pipe tip 102 outline brims (shape with finger). Pipe tip 3 numbers; let dry.

Step 3

Using pattern, cut pennants from card stock. Color sections and print names with markers. Punch holes and thread onto lollipop sticks.