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He’s Going South Mini Cakes

Look what happened when Frosty decided to vacation in Florida! Candy-coated mini cakes are left standing in a candy puddle holding their pretzel broomstick.

Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Bake and cool cake in pan.

Step 2

Use snowman cutter to cut cake. Trim 1 in. from bottom of cake. Cover cake with melted white candy and refrigerate until set.

Step 3

Use spatula to smooth melted white candy on waxed paper to create a puddle.

Step 4

Position snowman cake on puddle; let set.

Step 5

Use melted green candy in cut parchment bag to pipe in hat.

Step 6

Use melted red candy in cut parchment bag to pipe band on hat and to print message in puddle.

Step 7

Use melted white candy in cut parchment to pipe whites of eyes.

Step 8

Use melted light cocoa candy in cut parchment bag to pipe pupils and mouth.

Step 9

Attach cinnamon drops for buttons with melted candy.

Step 10

Attach candy corn for nose with melted candy.

Step 11

Cut 3/4 in. slits in yellow spice drop for broom bristles and attach to pretzel stick with melted candy. Attach broom to hand with melted candy.