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He's All Ears Cake Pops

This sweet little reindeer pop is such a welcome sight at school parties, in gift bags and on your holiday dessert table. Cluster them together for a great looking centerpiece.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Prepare cake pops recipe. Roll balls using 3 tablespoons of cake and place on cookie stick.

Step 2

Dip into melted candy; let chill. Pipe melted candy in dessert accent scrolls; chill. Unmold scrolls. On one scroll pipe chocolate on back side and attach mini candy-coated chocolate nose and eyes icing decorations with melted candy. Cut bottom half of the bottom of scroll; attach to top of head for antlers. Attach chocolate chips for ears with melted candy. Cut licorice to 3/4 in. length and attach with melted candy for mouth.

Step 3

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