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Here Comes the Bride Lollipop

These treat pops add a touch of whimsy to a shower or wedding celebration. The beaming bride is made using the Smiley Face Candy Mold and Candy Melts® brand confectionery coating.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

*Brand confectionery coating

Step 2

Roll out fondant thin and, using cutters from floral set, cut 2 forget-me-nots and 3 apple blossoms for each favor.

Step 3

Using thick foam and modeling tool from set, press in center of each flower to form cupped shape. Let set.

Step 4

Cut end of disposable bag to size of tip 2 and pipe center dot in flowers with melted candy.

Step 5

Add a small amount of orange and yellow candy colors to melted white candy for flesh tone.

Step 6

Mold face lollipops; refrigerate until firm.

Step 7

Pipe dot and string facial features and zigzag hair using light cocoa candy in bag cut to size of tip 2. Let set.

Step 8

Tie ribbon bow on stick. Cut baking cup in veil shape and attach to back of head with melted candy.

Step 9

Attach flowers with melted candy.