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Here Comes Santa Claus Cookies

Craft a 3-D cookie creation using Santa as the subject. Assemble Roll Out Cookie pieces with Royal Icing. Place the Santa cookie in the chimney and fill with candy-coated chocolate dots as an extra treat and to hold him in place.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Divide and tint royal icing red, black and copper; reserve white. Divide cookie dough and tint a portion copper for Santa. Roll out cookie dough and cut 5 cookie squares for the chimney; also cut 4 rectangles for chimney overhang. Roll out tinted cookie dough and cut cookie for Santa using the second smallest gingerbread boy cutter. Cut off feet of cookie. Bake all cookies following recipe directions and cool.

Step 2

Make chimney: Using royal icing, assemble using one square cookie for the base. Hold pieces in place while assembling until partially set. Put aside until set completely. Attach overhang pieces to top edges using royal icing. Put aside to set completely before decorating further.

Step 3

Decorate chimney: Using tip 2 and red icing decorate bricks on sides of chimney; pat down with finger dipped in cornstarch. Using tip 2 and white icing, add snow at top edge of chimney, moving tip down to create drifts. Let set.

Step 4

Decorate Santa: Using tip 3 and red icing, cover Santa's suit and hat; pat down with finger dipped in cornstarch. Using tip 2 and copper icing, add dot nose.Using tip 2 and black icing, pipe in mouth and dot eyes. Using tip 3 and white icing, add swirl fur trim and beard. Let icing set.

Step 5

Assemble: Position Santa in chimney. Fill chimney with candy-coated chocolate dots.