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Her Crowning Glory Cake

Create a tiara that folks will talk about. Use our patterns to make color flow-icing embellishments that turn a Crown Pan cake into a top-notch topper.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Two days in advance: Make color flow pieces for crown. Copy band and loop patterns and tape to cake boards; cover with waxed paper. For easy release, spray with pan spray, then wipe with facial tissue to remove excess spray. Outline using tip 3 and full-strength color flow; fill in with thinned color flow. Repeat for additional pieces as indicated on patterns; make extras to allow for breakage. Let dry.

Step 2

Also: Make curlicues. Tape patterns to board and cover with waxed paper. Pipe curlicues using tip 14 and full-strength color flow. Repeat for 2 smaller sizes; make extras to allow for breakage, let dry.

Step 3

And: Make puddle dots. Using thinned color flow icing in cut parchment bag, pipe 75 small dots (1/4 in. diameter) and 14 large dots (1/2 in. diameter) on waxed paper-covered board. Make extras to allow for breakage; let dry.

Step 4

Brush color flow dots and crown pieces with white Pearl Dust.

Step 5

Bake and cool cake; ice smooth. Position bottom crown band on cake, then center two B loops, then add an A loop on each side. For top layer, position E-loop in center then a D loop on each side and then two C loops. Position top crown band on top of points. Attach curlicues with icing, placing largest on center loop, then medium and small on side loops. Attach puddle dots with icing. Pipe tip 7 bead bottom border.