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Hearts & Flowers Cake

Send a loving birthday greeting with a traditional Hearts and Flowers Cake. Royal icing flowers are made ahead and added at the last minute. (Many decorators keep assorted royal icing flowers on hand for future decorating projects.) Watch our online video.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

At least 2 days before decorating cake, make two sizes of rose and violet royal icing drop flowers using tips 129 and 225 (130 flowers were used for this project - make additional in case of breakage); add tip 3 white dot flower centers. Allow to dry completely.

Step 2

Bake your favorite 2-layer cake recipe or mix in Heart pan.

Step 3

Cool cake in pan on wire rack 10 minutes. Remove from pan and cool completely.

Step 4

Wrap cake board with fanci-foil. Arrange cake on prepared cake board.

Step 5

Spatula ice cake with yellow buttercream icing. Write "Happy Birthday" using tip 3 and buttercream icing, either imprinting message with pattern press into icing first, or writing message freehand.

Step 6

Add top and bottom buttercream star borders; press drop flowers to borders while still soft.

Step 7

Make tip 18 buttercream rosettes on cake top for candle bases; insert candles and press in drop flowers.

Step 8

Fill in tip 352 green leaves around all flowers.