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Heart's Desire Cupcakes

Heart-shaped pink and red Silicone Baking Cups give these Valentine’s Day cupcakes the edge. Assorted holiday sprinkles are all you need to get eye-catching results!


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Bake cupcakes in heart silicone baking cups on cooling grid.

Step 2

Ice cupcakes smooth with pink buttercream icing and spatula.

Step 3

On design 1, roll edge of cupcake in hearts sprinkle mix and position jelly heart in center.

Step 4

On design 2, sprinkle cupcake top with kisses sprinkle mix.

Step 5

On design 3, sprinkle cupcake top with red sugar.

Step 6

On design 4, position heart stencil and cover open area with red sugar. Carefully remove stencil.