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Heads Up - You're 50! Cake

Remind the birthday celebrant that friendship will carry him or her through every middle-age milestone. Top their cake with friendly faced cookie pops created with our Circle Metal Cookie Cutters and color flow icing.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy



Step 1

In advance, make approximately 13 cookies using Circle Metal Cookie Cutter. Bake. Immediately after removing cookies from oven, check to make sure cookies have retained their shape. If not, recut with cookie cutter while still hot.

Step 2

Place cookies on cooling grid positioned over cookie sheet. When cookies are completely cooled, thin down color flow icing and pour over cookies. Let drip for about 10 minutes and move to waxed paper to completely dry. Using full strength color flow icing, pipe tip 2 dot and string facial features on cookies. Attach lollipop sticks to cookies with full-strength color flow icing. Let set.

Step 3

Ice 2-layer 14 in. cake, 1-layer 8 x 3 in. and 6 x 2 in. cakes smooth.

Step 4

Transfer lettering on all sides of 14 in. cake with toothpick. Using buttercream, pipe tip 10 letters in various colors, add tip 2 wicks and tip 3 flames. Trace message on 8 in. cake with toothpick and pipe with tip 7.

Step 5

Pipe tip 10 bead motion balloons, tip 2 dot balloon knots, dot confetti and balloon strings.

Step 6

Pipe tip 18 star bottom border on 6 in. cake and tip 32 star bottom border on 8 in. and 14 in. cakes. Pipe tip 18 star candle holders. Insert candles. Trim cookie sticks to desired lengths and insert into cakes.

Note: Combine Red-Red and Christmas Red colors to achieve red shade used.