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Headed for a Party Mini Cakes

Here’s a wild cast of characters Headed For a Party! Mini cakes can be decorated to resemble your guests or use your imagination to create a variety of comical faces!


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Cover cakes with rolled fondant. For mouths and lips, use medium round Cut-Out to cut a circle and then an arc from the circle; imprint lips with Cutter/Embosser.

Step 2

For tongues, press together two small balls to form a heart shape. Cut eyes and cheeks with small round Cut-Out. Roll small balls for noses, pupils and freckles.

Step 3

For ears, roll balls; shape edge and press inner ear flat with brush handle.

Step 4

For hair, cut strips with straight-edge wheel of Cutter/Embosser; for curly hair, wrap strips around brush handle.

Step 5

For glasses, roll 1 in. diameter ropes and form round frames and strips for ear pieces and bridge.

Step 6

For bow, cut 1 x 5 in. strip, join ends and pinch at center. Wrap around a 1/2 in. wide strip for knot.

Step 7

For sunglasses, cut black lenses and orange frames with medium star Cut-Out. Cut center of frames with small Cut-Out. Cut strips for earpieces and bridge. Attach all pieces with damp brush.

*Note: Combine white fondant with neon pink for shade shown on tongues, lips and cheeks.