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Having A Growth Spurt Cake

Pint-sized cutie is Having a Growth Spurt! 3-D cake is surrounded by a garden full of cupcakes, each topped by a pretty flower-shaped candy.


Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult


Step 1

In advance, mold 24 assorted flower candies using painting method, white and yellow melts, and candy tinted lavender, pink and green using candy colors.

Step 2

Trim ears and muzzle areas off bear cake. Ice soles of shoes and mouth smooth.

Step 3

Outline shirt, shoes, pants and mouth pattern with tip 3. Pipe-in mouth and eyes with tip 3 (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch); overpipe nose. Pipe-in tip 5 tongue.

Step 4

Cover face, neck, nose and ears with tip 14 stars. Add tip 5 "C"-motion ears, overpipe for dimension.

Step 5

Cover shirt and pants with tip 16 stars. Outline arms with tip 3; overpipe twice more to build up.

Step 6

Cover arms with tip 14 stars.

Step 7

To make pigtails, insert lollipop stick through head above ears.

Step 8

Insert straws, flexible end out, on each side over lollipop stick. Pipe tip 16 pull out star hair beginning at center part and continuing on to side.

Step 9

Overpipe hair five times to build up. Add tip 16 pull out star bangs and pigtails. Attach ribbon bows to pigtails.

Step 10

Ice cupcakes smooth. Insert candy flowers and position candle; pipe tip 233 pull out grass.

*Brand confectionery coating.