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Harvest Hero Cookie

The gingerbread boy has lost his head! We’ve replaced it with a pumpkin shaped mini cake then dressed him for work with a colorful icing outfit.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

In advance: Make cookies. Roll out dough and cut using largest boy cutter from set. Bake and cool.

Step 2

Also: Make cakes. Fill pumpkin cavities 1/2 full; bake and cool cakes. Unmold; trim off facial features with knife. Cover pumpkins with heated decorator icing. Let set.

Step 3

Set cookies on waxed paper; decorate using full-strength royal icing. Attach cake head to cookie with icing. Build up top of hat with tip 10 (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch).

Step 4

Pipe tip 104 ruffle hat brim. Pipe tip 44 (smooth side up) stripe hat band. Add details with tip 3. Outline and fill in shirt, pants and shoes; smooth. Outline and fill in pocket; add dot buttons (flatten with finger dipped in cornstarch). Pipe pull-out hay.

Step 5

Outline and fill in eyes and nose; smooth. Pipe tip 2 outline mouth; add dot pupils (flatten slightly) and nose details. Pipe tip 103 ruffle collar; add tip 3 dot cheeks (flatten and smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch).

Combine Red-Red with Christmas Red for red shown.