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Happy Chanukah Cake

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with a tribute to the past. Here's an elegant cake the symbolizes the glory for family and friends to admire and enjoy.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Make lions and tablet pattern out of color flow icing.

Step 2

Make 10 tip 102 and 104 roses, 7 tip 102 rosebuds. Trim roses with tip 3 sepals.

Step 3

Ice a two-layer cake smooth. Position dry color flow star. With a toothpick, draw scrolls on the top of cake. Cover marks with tip 20 "C" scrolls and "S" scrolls. Pipe tip 20 rosette between "C" scrolls. Add tube 3 "C" scrolls, print message and pipe dots on cake top.

Step 4

Edge cake top and base with tip 20 reverse shell borders. Pipe tip 3 stems on cake top and side. Attach rose sprays and trim with tip 352 leaves. Insert candles in holders and push into cake top.