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Hang Around For Fun! Cookies

Delicious to serve and eat or great to hang on your holiday tree. Easy-to-use and quick-drying Color Flow Icing makes decorating these cookies a snap. Just use our Comfort Grip™ Christmas Tree, Heart and Round Cutters for shapes, bake and decorate in vivid jewel-tone colors.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

In advance: Make 1 ornament cap for each cookie. Using pattern, tip 2 and full-strength color flow, outline cap; flow in with thinned color flow. Let dry.

Step 2

For hanging hook, cut a thin layer from spice drop; sprinkle waxed paper with sugar and flatten with finger. Cut out center with small end of tip 12. Attach to back of cap with full-strength color flow. Let dry.

Step 3

Cut out various shaped cookies; bake and cool. Place cookies on cooling grid over waxed paper.

Step 4

On heart and tree cookies, pipe full-strength color flow borders and let dry, then flow in various colored sections with thinned color flow; let dry.

Step 5

Overpipe scroll design on heart with tip 3 and full-strength color flow. On round cookie, flow in background with color flow and immediately add dots of red and yellow.

Step 6

With pin, pull out star points from yellow dots. Let dry. Attach caps to front of cookies with full-strength color flow.

*Note: Combine Violet with a little Rose for violet shown.