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Handle with Kid Gloves! Cake

This frosty cake will give you and your guests plenty of warm thoughts! Made with the Stand-Up Snowman pan and finished with royal icing snowman builders, this cake adds a festive touch to any winter celebration table!


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

In advance, using stiff consistency royal icing and tips 2, 4, 12 and 349, figure pipe children. Let all dry completely.

Step 2

Ice 1-layer 3 in. high round cake smooth in buttercream and prepare for stacked construction. Ice cake top fluffy with spatula. Pipe tip 12 elongated pull-out icicles down sides of cake.

Step 3

Position snowman cake in center of separator plate. Ice snowman and hat smooth. Pipe tip 362 star scarf and tip 12 pull-out nose. Cut and position licorice pieces for eyes, buttons and mouth. Position snowman cake on round cake supported with dowel rods. Spatula ice additional "snow" to cover plate around snowman. Pipe tip 12 boots and attach children to cake. Add more snow around boots. Randomly pipe tip 12 dot snowball bottom border.

*Alternative pan to Stand-Up Snowman Pan - use the Stand-up Cuddly Bear Pan Set, bake as directed, cut off the ears, legs and arms. Turn bear cake around so the backside of it is the front and the cut up side is your back.