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Hair Raising Experience Mini Cakes

The monster’s bride has just met her match! A fondant covered mini cake shapes the body. A bell-shaped cookie is decorated for that easily recognizable head and hair-do.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

In advance, tint 2 in. ball of fondant green. Roll out and cut head using bell cutter; let dry on board covered with cornstarch for several hours.

Step 2

For hands, slightly flatten a small ball of green fondant and use craft knife to make right and left hand shapes, making cuts for fingers and thumb.

Step 3

Shape fingers and palms, trimming where necessary. Reserve remaining green fondant. Prepare mini cake for rolled fondant by lightly icing with buttercream.

Step 4

Position cake on foil-covered board. Roll out fondant and drape over cake, making folds for pleats in gown. Trim as needed to make flush with bottom of cake.

Step 5

For arms, cut two dowel rods to 4 in. long. Wrap a 2 in. area in center of rods thickly with fondant, leaving 1 in. unwrapped at ends. Dampen one end of fondant sleeve and insert dowel rod in cake; carefully join fondant sleeve with body.

Step 6

Attach hands to ends of dowel rods with icing. Pipe tip 3 dot eyes; add tip 2 dot pupils. Pipe in mouth and outline eyebrows with tip 2. Add tip 3 wavy lines for hair.

Step 7

Roll a small ball of green fondant for nose and attach to face with a damp brush. Attach head to 5 in. dowel rod with icing. Insert into top of cake.