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Green Greetings Cake

This lucky leprechaun greets your guests at the party! Color Flow icing plaque in shades of green tops the shamrock cake; Shamrock Icing Decorations add an extra green touch.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Several days in advance, make color flow leprechaun on waxed paper using pattern. Outline and flow in using tip 2; let dry. Using full-strength color flow, pipe tip 1 facial features, tip 2 buckles, buttons, dots, hair and beard. Make extra to allow for breakage. Set aside.

Step 2

Ice sides of shamrock cake smooth. Cover top of cake with tip 20 stars; add tip 20 star bottom border. Position sugar cubes where leprechaun will rest. Trim waxed paper around leprechaun; leave remainder attached to back. Position leprechaun, icing decorations and curling ribbon.