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Great Ice-scape

Cute party penguins are chillin’ on an igloo made of cheese spread. It’s so easy to create these little creatures using black olives, carrots and whipped cream cheese. Stand them on crackers topped with Cheesy Pesto Spread (recipe included) for cool holiday appetizers.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

One day in advance: Prepare spread following recipe directions. Spray pans with vegetable spray and line with plastic wrap; fill with mixture. Refrigerate overnight.

Step 2

For each penguin, spread whipped cream cheese on a cracker. Cut 1/2 in. strips of carrot and position for feet. Fill bag fitted with tip 3 with cream cheese.

Step 3

Trim off bottom of Colossal size olive at hole end to create a flat edge. Fill olive hole with cream cheese.

Step 4

For wings, cut a medium olive lengthwise in half. With scissors, cut 2 "v" shapes in each half; reserve pieces. Attach halves to body with a dot of cream cheese.

Step 5

For head, cut 1/4 off a medium olive, at hole end. Fill hole with cream cheese and attach to body. Outline and pipe in face and tummy areas with cream cheese.

Step 6

For eyes, cut 2 small circles from trimmed olive pieces; position. For nose, cut a triangle from carrot; position.

Step 7

Unmold spread from pans; position large mold on serving dish. Using spatula, smooth ball and score lines for ice blocks. For door, trim off a small portion from side of muffin mold; place flat side down next to igloo.

Step 8

For doorway, hollow out a small portion from front. Score lines as for large mold. Position penguins around cheese spread. The penguins and crackers are displayed on clear glass plates.