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Grand Gingerbread House

Create a lifetime gingerbread baking tradition with this high-quality pan. Just press dough mold, bake and assemble. You’ll make a perfectly-shaped Gingerbread Village with amazing detail and definition, thanks to our heavyweight cast aluminum mold pan. Extra-thick construction and premium non-stick coating mean these festive shapes will release from mold pan with ease. And clean-up is effortless.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Use Everything Gingerbread Recipe and press dough into front and back side of house mold; bake according to recipe directions and let cool.

Step 2

Press dough into side of mold with roof, side windows, chimney, walk and gingerbread boys; bake according to recipe directions and let cool; repeat for this side.

Step 3

TO ASSEMBLE: Use parchment bag fitted with tip 4 royal icing to pipe lines where pieces come together. Hold in place until each side sets or prop on cans for support. Assemble one side at a time; let set and attach next piece until complete. Add accent pieces around on base with royal icing. Decorate as desired.