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Globetrotting Grizzly Cake

Say, “So long” to world travelers in a memorable way. Thanks to clever alterations and artistically applied icing, a Stand-Up Cuddly Bear Pan cake converts to sightseer and cookies turn into tourist trappings.


Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult


Step 1

In advance, roll out cookie dough and use luggage, easel and camera patterns to cut out cookies. Bake and cool. (Note: Set camera cookie aside, it will be decorated later with buttercream icing.) Use parchment bags fitted with tip 3 and full-strength color flow icing to outline cookies, let set. Fill in with thinned color flow icing. Let set. Use royal icing to print tip 1 messages on cookies.

Step 2

Bake and cool bear. Cut arms off bear.

Step 3

Use inverted muffin as guide and trim area between ears to allow muffin to be positioned as hat. Ice bottom of feet and inside of ears smooth. Outline facial features, black lenses of sunglasses with tip 4. Pipe-in nose and lenses with tip 4 (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch). Outline glasses with tip 8. Pipe arms with tip 1A. Outline shirt and pants with tip 4. Cover bear with tip 17 stars. Cover shirt and pants with tip 18 stars. Pipe in tip 6 dot flowers with tip 2 dot centers on shirt. Ice front and sides of camera cookie smooth, pipe tip 2 lens outlines and position on cake.

Step 4

Pipe tip 17 star fingers overlapping camera. Cut licorice piece and attach for strap on camera, tuck ends into icing behind camera. Ice cupcake smooth, position on head. Pipe tip 127 loose ruffle brim on hat and add tip 47 (smooth side up) band. Attach easels to backs of luggage with royal icing.