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Give Your Heart Away Lollipops

Add some character to your homemade lollipops! Use royal icing to figure pipe look-alike heads and hands onto each child’s Valentine’s Day treat.

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Step 1

To mold candy ruffled hearts from kit, use melted candy in cut parchment bag. Use layering method by filling bottom part of heart with melted white candy; refrigerate until partially set and fill remainder of mold with melted candy tinted pink with candy color and add lollipop stick. Refrigerate until completely set. Unmold lollipops and use melted red candy in parchment bag cut with small hole to pipe message. Let set.

Step 2

To make large red hearts, place largest heart cutter from set on Non-Stick Jelly Roll Pan. Pour red melted candy in cutter 1/8 in. thick. Tap pan on surface to remove air bubbles; refrigerate until set. Unmold.

Step 3

Place large red candy hearts on cake board covered with waxed paper. Use tip 12 and copper (skin tone) royal icing to pipe ball heads on tops of hearts. Use tip 3 and copper (skin tone) royal icing to pipe fingers on heart and dot nose. Use tip 3 and black royal icing to pipe dot eyes and outline mouth. Use tip 3 and brown royal icing to pipe hair on boy. Use tip 16 and yellow icing to pipe hair on girl. Let completely dry for 4 hours.

Step 4

Attach ruffled heart to large red heart with melted candy.