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Gingerbread Snowflake Cookies

Add dimension and great holiday excitement with 3-D snowflake cookies. Cut 3 cookies from our classic Grandma’s Gingerbread Recipe, bake, cut in half and assemble with melted candy. Pipe additional snowflake features with white candy melts.


Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult


Step 1

Prepare and roll out gingerbread dough. For each snowflake, cut 3 cookies using 2nd smallest cutter. Cut 2 cookies in half. Bake and cool.

Step 2

Using melted candy in cut parchment bag, pipe snowflake design on both sides of cookies (let one side set before decorating the other side).

Step 3

Lay whole cookie flat. With melted candy, attach 2 cookie halves to cookie at a 45° angle. Prop in place until set.

Step 4

Stand cookie upright; on other side attach 2 cookie halves at a 45° angle. Let set.