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Gingerbread Skier Cookies

It’s a slalom-dunk! This Gingerbread Skier cookie brings fun to holiday gatherings and all your winter events.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

In advance: Roll out gingerbread dough. For each treat, cut 1 boy using Comfort Grip cutter and use knife to cut 2 triangle easels, 2 1/2 x 2 in. Bake and cool. Place boy cookie on waxed paper-covered board. Using tip 5, pipe pull-out hat in green and outline scarf in red. Add tip 5 zigzag hat band and dot pompom in white. Pipe tip 3 outline eyes and mouth, dot nose, buttons and cheeks in white. Let dry overnight.

Step 2

Make ski poles. Place hollow-center candy on waxed paper. Cut licorice in 2 1/2 in. pieces. Using tip 3, pipe in hole in candy with yellow icing; insert licorice. Let dry.

Step 3

Attach ski poles and easels to cookie with dots of icing; let dry. For skis, curl up one end of gum stick; attach to cookie with icing and let dry.