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Gingerbread Boy Cookies

Everyone’s favorite for the holidays‹Gingerbread Boy Cookies taste even merrier with our easy decorating touches. Follow our instructions for the clothes, or free-form a design to fit a gingerbread girl!


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Prepare Grandma's Gingerbread recipe. Prepare Royal Icing recipe. Cut out and bake gingerbread boy cookies. Cool.

Step 2

Divide royal icing and tint green, red, pink and reserve a small amount white. Using tip 3 and red icing, outline and pipe-in pants. Using tip 3 and green icing, outline and pipe-in shirt. Using tip 3 and white icing, pipe dot and outline facial features and zigzag trim on edges of shirt and pants. Using tip 3 and red icing, pipe in bow tie and button. Using tip 3 and pink icing, pipe dot cheeks. Let set.