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Gigglepus Cake

This 2-cake creation showcases a giggling octopus made using the Sports Ball pan. Each piped tentacle reaches out to hold a birthday candle. The round seascape below can be made larger to serve extra party guests.

Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Ice 2-layer round cake smooth. Cut and position 3 dowel rods where ball cake will go.

Step 2

With knife, slice off rounded side on one half of ball cake so it sits level and place on a cake circle cut to fit. Position atop round and ice top smooth.

Step 3

Add other half of ball. Push a sharpened dowel rod down through both cakes.

Step 4

Lightly ice face area on ball. With toothpick, draw octopus face. Outline mouth with tip 3. Cover ball cake with tip 16 stars.

Step 5

Pipe in tip 6 whites of eyes, dot pupils, nose, cheeks and tongue (shaped and flatten with finger dipped in cornstarch).

Step 6

Add tip 3 dot irises to eyes. Pipe tip 6 elongated bead brows. Mark 8 legs on top of round cake. Figure pipe with tip 2 A. Trim with tip 3 dots.

Step 7

Imprint message on side with message pattern press. Cover message with tip 3 dots. Outline number and name with tip 6.

Step 8

Mark seaweed randomly on sides. Outline with tip 3 strings. For fish bodies: Pipe tip 6 beads randomly on sides. Trim with tip 1 dot eyes and tip 3 outline tails.

Step 9

Add tip 3 tinted piping gel dot bubbles.

Step 10

With tip 18 and spatula-striped icing, edge top of round cake with reverse shell borders; base with swirled shells. Push candles into legs.