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Gifts of Bread and Wine Cake

The delicate openwork swirls in our Wire Lace Cross and Filigree Gazebo give this blossom-filled communion cake a lighter-than-air look.


Difficulty: Medium



Step 1

At least 3 days in advance, make flowers: Mix 24 oz. of fondant with 2 tablespoons of Gum-Tex; roll out. Using cutters from flower making set, make 120 wild roses, 100 pansies and 75 each forget-me-nots, apple blossoms, large and small daisies and calyxes. Dry on smallest flower formers, dusted with cornstarch. Add tip 3 dot centers to all flowers with royal icing.

Step 2

Ice 1-layer round cakes and half ball cake smooth; prepare for pillar and stacked construction. Attach flowers with buttercream, completely covering all cakes.

Step 3

At reception, assemble cakes. Position top piece of heart base on lower plate; attach Communion Girl to base with hot glue. Wrap smaller gazebo sections around pillars, using only 3 of 4 for bottom of pillars. Position Wire Lace Cross.