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Gettin’ Bugged Out Cake

This creepy critter crawls onto the Halloween scene made from two favorite sweets: cake ball pops and crisped rice cereal treats.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Prepare 18 small cake pops and insert sticks following recipe directions.

Step 2

Spray mini ball pan with non-stick spray. Prepare crisped rice cereal treats and press into mini ball pan. You will need eight half balls to make four balls. Once set, release from pan.

Step 3

Melt vibrant green Candy Melts candy according to package directions. Dip flat side of half ball in melted green candy. Set on waxed paper.

Step 4

Place half balls on cooling grid over waxed paper-covered cookie sheet. Pour melted vibrant green candy over half balls. Gently tap to coat evenly. Using spatula, move to waxed paper-covered cookie sheet; chill to set.

Step 5

Using spatula, spread an even coat of melted vibrant green candy on two flat sides of half balls and attach. Chill to set.

Step 6

Using a cut parchment bag and melted vibrant green candy, pipe line on seam of balls. Sprinkle with green sugar. Let dry.

Step 7

Using metal cutter, make ring pattern on both ends of the three balls. Pipe melted vibrant green candy on circles and sprinkle with green sugar .

Step 8

Melt white Candy Melts candy according to package directions. Tint violet, black, red, yellow and orange using candy colors from sets; reserve some white.

Step 9

Coat 16 cake pops in melted violet candy. Coat two cake pops in melted yellow candy. Chill to set.

Step 10

Make eyes. Using cut parchment bag and melted black candy, pipe pupils on yellow cake pops. Using melted red candy, pipe bloodshot eyes. For eyelashes, cut shoestring licorice 1 in. long; attach with melted yellow candy.

Step 11

Insert legs to body, balance so it will stand approximately 1 in. to 1 1/4 in. apart. Space apart so each body ball gets four cake pops.

Step 12

For toes, cut shoestring licorice 3/4 in. long. Attach three per foot using melted violet candy.

Step 13

Insert eyeballs in top of head. Using a cut parchment bag and melted black candy, pipe mouth. Let set. Using a cut parchment bag and melted white candy, pipe teeth. For nose, attach spice drop with melted candy.

Step 14

Attach body segments using melted candy. Attach candy corn on back using melted candy.

Step 15

Trim sugar cones to 3 in. long. Place on a cooling grid and pour melted orange candy over cone. Chill to set. Dip open end into melted vibrant green candy and attach to last ball as tail. Hold in place until dry.