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Get Right to the Point! Cookies

Send your Valentine’s Day wishes by air mail! Cupid’s arrow features cookies on each end and your message attached to the middle.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Step 2

Roll out dough 3/8 in. thick. Using largest Cut-Out, cut 2 hearts for each arrow.

Step 3

Place small ball of dough on cookie sheet; flatten and position cookie treat stick on top. Position heart cookie over stick.

Step 4

Cut 2nd heart into a "V" shape by trimming 1/2 in. from each side at widest point. Using trimmed off dough, form a ball and insert on opposite end of stick.

Step 5

Position V-shaped piece on top of ball for arrow tail, pressing slightly together to secure. Bake and cool cookies, allowing more baking time for thicker cookies.

Step 6

Cover heart cookie with poured cookie icing; let set. On arrow tail, pipe tip 4 center line in buttercream.

Step 7

Add tip 352 pull-out leaf feathers, starting at wide end and working toward narrow end. Write message on name tag and attach to stick with ribbon.

*Note: Combine Red-Red and Christmas Red for red shown.