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Garden Terraces Cake


Step 1

Combine Violet with Rose for violet shown. Several days in advance: Make 75 gum paste ruffled fantasy flowers on wires.

Step 2

One day in advance: Prepare base board. Cut foamcore board 2 in. larger than largest paisley pan; wrap with foil and brush with piping gel.

Tint 36 oz. fondant black; roll out 1/8 in. thick. Cut piece 2 in. larger than board. Cover board and smooth with Fondant Smoother.

Step 3

Prepare 2-layer cakes for stacked construction and rolled fondant; cover cakes with fondant and smooth with Fondant Smoother.

Step 4

Trace greenery pattern onto waxed paper. Hold against cake sides and use toothpick to imprint designs on fondant. Use royal icing to cover designs with tip 1 outlines; add random tip 1 dots. Pipe tip 5 bead bottom borders.

Step 5

Shape flowers into 2 medium (20 flowers each) and 1 large (30 flowers) crescent-shaped sprays by wrapping stems together with florist tape.

Step 6

Cut a plastic dowel rod to 5 1/2 in.; insert in top cake, 1 in. from back left edge. Position 1 medium floral spray by inserting stems into dowel rod. Position remaining floral sprays using flower spikes.

The top tier is often saved for the first anniversary. The number of servings given does not include the top tier.