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Garden Fountain Cake



Step 1

In advance, using rolled fondant and the ejector set, make approximately 550 blossom flowers. Eject flowers onto foam dusted with cornstarch, then place on flower formers. Let dry completely.

Step 2

Tint fondant, 1 pk. at a time (10 pks. total), then knead together to achieve uniform color. Divide fondant into smaller portions for easier handling (keep covered until ready to roll).

Step 3

Prepare and ice cakes for rolled fondant and stacked and pillar construction: Six 2-layer 8 in. rounds; 1-layer 7 in., 11 in. and 15 in. contour cakes (torte and fill to create 3 in. deep cakes). Smooth using Easy-Glide Smoothers. Position ribbon at bottom of contour cakes and pipe tip 5 bead bottom border on each.

Step 4

Using icing to attach, randomly position clusters of blossoms on cake sides; add tip 2 stems.

Step 5

Divide 8 in. round cakes into 6ths. Mold rope border pieces using Planter Mold and attach to bottom border with water. Mold 3 grecian urns for each 8 in. cake; brush back of each fondant urn with water and position on cake at 3 adjoining division marks.

Step 6

Using icing to attach, position blossoms in vases and add tip 2 dot centers. Support sections where cake plate will rest with plastic dowel rods.

Step 7

At reception: Assemble cake, fountain and separator ring. Add fresh flowers and greenery. Position ornament and tier topper. Make 1 in. wide ribbon bows and position bows and tulle.

*Note: The top tier is often saved for the first anniversary. The number of servings given does not include the top tier.