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Friendly Fortress Castle Cake

A 2-layer Sheet Pan cake provides the base for a congenial castle. Use red icing to cover Romantic Castle Cake Set turrets; accentuate architectural elements with gum drops, sugar cubes and piped-icing details


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Ice castle turret peaks smooth with red royal icing and sprinkle with red sugars; let dry. Pipe tip 5 trim on door and tower turrets with yellow royal icing; let dry.

Step 2

Bake and cool 2-layer (1 1/2 in. each) 9 x 13 in. sheet cakes. Position cake on foil-covered board and ice smooth in white buttercream icing.

Step 3

Assemble castle according to package directions. Use buttercream icing to attach four largest turret towers to corners, two small turret towers in front, two medium turret towers in back.

Step 4

Insert two small and one medium turret tower into center of cake. Position free-standing windows on cake and outline with tip 5 royal icing.

Step 5

Cut spearmint leaves in thirds lengthwise with scissors and coat with granulated sugar. Attach leaves around base of cake with tip 5 and green royal icing.

Step 6

Attach sugar cubes around top border of cake with tip 2 dots of white buttercream icing. Position turret peaks.

**Note: Combine Red-Red and Christmas Red for red shown. Combine Lemon Yellow and Golden Yellow for yellow shown.

*Brand confectionery coating.