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For the Good Earth's Sake Cake

Throw a “Go Green” party and share earth-saving tips with your neighbors! To set the scene, we’ve topped a green-iced sheet cake with a Sports Ball cake planet. Cookies, decorated to represent different nations, circle the globe.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Cut 8 cookies (4 each, boys & girls) out of cookie dough.

Step 2

For brown cookies, add chocolate per recipe or blend brown icing color into dough. Bake and cool.

Step 3

Using stiffened buttercream or royal icing, outline smiles and outfits with tip 1. Pipe in outfits with tip 3 or 4 (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch) or fill in with tip 14 stars.

Step 4

Add hair, cap or turban with tips 1 or 3. Outline shoes with tip 3 strings. Baseball cap brim is tip 101 ribbon stripe. Also, use tip 101 for ruffles.

Step 5

For Hawaiian lei, pipe tip 13 star flowers with tip 1 dot centers. Make dot eyes, buttons, tiny flower print, bows with streamers and all other small details with tip 1.

Step 6

Attach lollipop sticks to backs of cookies with icing.

Step 7

Make 20 drop flowers with tip 224 drop flowers with tip 3 dot centers.

Step 8

For globe: Prepare ball cake per instructions included with your pan. Ice cake blue. With toothpick, mark globe. Outline continents with tip 3. Cover with tip 14 stars.

Step 9

Ice 2-layer round smooth-top yellow, sides green. Cut and position 3 dowel rods where ball cake will go.

Step 10

Position globe cake atop round. Push a sharpened dowel rod down through both cakes. Pipe "snow" on top of ball with tip 4, then swirl with a spatula.

Step 11

With toothpick, mark top 2 inches from edge. Cover area with tip 233 pull-out grass. Write tip 3 message on side.

Step 12

Edge base with tip 233 pull-out grass border. Add flowers and push cookies into cake top.