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First Birthday Fling Cake

This cake tells an amusing tale. Acrobatic bears from our Tumbling Bears Topper Set plunge downward through piped-icing clouds via rainbow plaque slides created with our patterns and Color Flow Icing.


Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult


Step 1

Several days in advance: Make rainbow plaques using patterns and color flow icing.

Step 2

Using tip 2, outline each section with stiff consistency color flow, then fill in with thinned color flow.

Step 3

Let dry 48 hours. When dry, turn plaques over and reinforce by outlining and filling in entire plaque in one color.

Step 4

Make extras to allow for breakage and let dry overnight.

Step 5

Use Cornflower Blue icing color to tint the white rolled fondant. Prepare 1-layer 6, 10 and 14 in. rounds for stacked construction.

Step 6

Prepare and cover cakes with rolled fondant. Cakes will not be centered when stacked, so dowel rods will need to be positioned so that the 6 in. cake side aligns with the left edge of the 10 in. round and the 10 cake side aligns at the right edge of the 14 in. round. Assemble tiers.

Step 7

Pipe tip 3 message in buttercream icing. Insert lollipop sticks into cake sides in a descending pattern to support rainbow plaques.

Step 8

Use 4 sticks in the 6 in. tier, 6 each in the 10 in. and 14 in. tiers.

Step 9

Position rainbow plaques, and pipe a section of tip 10 ball clouds at bottom border of each tier, to secure edge of plaque.

Step 10

Pipe a mound of tip 10 ball clouds on top tier, position candle. Position bears.