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Fired Up for Halloween! Cake

This friendly ghost is bubbling over with Halloween wishes! The cauldron is blazing with a fire built with pretzel rod logs.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Ice cake sides and background smooth. Outline ghost, cauldron and eyes with tip 3; fill in eyes and smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch.

Step 2

Add tip 4 dot pupils. Outline and fill in mouth and tongue with tip 4; outline tip 4 chin. Cover ghost with tip 21 stars.

Step 3

Using pattern, cut hat from cake board and cover with foil. Outline hatbrim on cake with tip 3; fill in with tip 18 stars.

Step 4

Position hat (support back with extra icing). Cover hat, hat band and cauldron with tip 18 stars. Pipe tip 2A string rim on cauldron.

Step 5

Pipe dot bubbles and splashes of brew with tip 12, smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch. Pipe tip 5 string, message and dot highlights.

Step 6

Insert pretzel logs at bottom of cauldron. Spatula stripe bag in red, yellow and orange; pipe tip 21 pull-out star flames. Pipe tip 21 star bottom border.

Step 7

Highlight splashes of brew with decorating gel.