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Finger Food Candy

These frightening fingers make wacky and delicious portable treats on pretzels. Use our Witch Fingers Pretzel Mold to create them in any candy color. Place melted candy in cut parchment bags and pipe all the scariest creatures you can think of, right on the fingernails. Position pretzel stick, refrigerate until set and the party is ready to begin.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Use a cut parchment bag, pipe desired color of melted candy into fingernail area of mold; let set.

Step 2

Fill remainder of mold with Spooky Green Candy Melts, position pretzel rod and place in refrigerator or freezer until completely set.

Step 3

When bottom mold is frosted, remove candy; let it come to room temperature.

Step 4

Use melted candy in cut parchment bag to pipe desired nail trims. Set aside until firm.