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Festive Frank Cookies

He’s looking a little green around the gills! Cookie dough is tinted before baking so you don’t need to ice these creature cookies. Piped buttercream icing adds the sweet details.

Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Tint dough in combination Leaf Green and Lemon Yellow. Cut, bake and cool cookies using tombstone cutter from set.

Step 2

Turn tombstone upside down to decorate. Pipe in mouth with tip 2 in black.

Step 3

Add tip 4 ball eyes in white. Pipe tip 3 ball nose and nostrils in Leaf Green/Lemon Yellow combination.

Step 4

Add tip 3 hair in black. Pipe tip 1 dot pupils in black; add tip 2 outline eyelids in green/yellow. Pipe tip 1 zigzag scar in black.

Step 5

Tint a portion of icing gray using black color; build up neck bolts with tip 4. Add tip 1 teeth in white.