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Festive Flag Wavers Cake

Kid-shaped cookies lead the parade on this rousing Star Pan cake! Each star-shaped cookie has a colorful outfit and a Stars and Stripes Party Pick flag to wave.


Difficulty: Difficult


Step 1

Two days in advance: Make cookies. Prepare and roll out dough. Cut 5 bodies using largest star cutter and 5 heads using smallest round cutter from 101 Cutter Set. Bake and cool cookies.

Step 2

Decorate cookies with royal icing. Spatula ice all in light copper. Place on waxed paper to decorate.

Step 3

For heads, use tip 3 to pipe dot eyes, dot nose and outline mouth. Pipe hair using swirls, lines and pull-out dots; add tip 3 dot barrettes and pull-out bow.

Step 4

For bodies, use tip 16 to pipe green star shirt; outline and fill in other shirts and pants (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch). Add tip 3 dot, line and zigzag trims. Pipe tip 12 bead shoes. Pipe tip 5 dot hands and position flag picks; pipe tip 3 pull-out fingers. Let dry overnight.

Step 5

Attach heads to bodies with royal icing. Let dry overnight.

Step 6

Bake and cool 1-layer star cake. Ice smooth. Pipe tip 21 star bottom border.

Step 7

Use icing dots to attach cookies, letting heads extend slightly beyond cake points. Print tip 3 message; add sprinkles.