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Family Album Cake


Step 1

Using photograph pattern and color flow icing, outline 8 panels with tip 4. Let dry. Have parchment bags filled with leaf green, sky blue, white and brown color flow icings ready to use. Color flow sets up quickly; finish decorating each photograph background before starting next one.

Step 2

Start by piping a small section of grass into outline. Immediately add sky and trees. Pipe clouds and background elements (tip 1s fences, mountains, roads etc.) immediately after. Let dry completely.

Step 3

Using royal icing and tip 2, pipe block picture holders on each corner using zigzag motion; pat smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch.

Step 4

On candy discs, pipe tip 2 hair and tip 1s facial features. Secure in position on panels with dots of royal icing and add tip 2 strings for bodies and tip 1s names. Set aside to dry.

Step 5

Ice cake smooth, comb sides with decorating comb to resemble pages. Add tip 2B (brown) flat edging around base. Print tip 4 message on cake top. Trim outside edge of flat border with tip 2 bead border. Add tip 6 beads along cake edge on top of flat border. Edge top of cake with tip 4 bead border.

Step 6

Position color flow*.
Note: Buttercream will break down color flow. Position immediately before serving; or on a piece of plastic wrap cut to fit, on sugar cubes, or mini marshmallows.