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Fall's Fave Face Pie

Convert an apple pie into a scarecrow and watch crowds (and maybe even crows!) gather. Use our patterns, pastry shapes, Icing Colors, colored sugars and chocolate Jimmies Sprinkle Decorations to shape the hat-topped head.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Prepare 2 crust recipes and roll out top and bottom crust for 1 recipe. Place bottom crust in pan and fill with apple filling. Position top crust and crimp edges with fork.

Step 2

Cut small slits in eye areas. Bake and cool pie. Roll out 2nd crust recipe. Trace patterns (hat, eyes, nose) with toothpick; cut.

Step 3

Brush shapes with water; sprinkle hat with blue sugar and hat band area with jimmies. Bake pieces at 400°F until light brown; let cool.

Step 4

For hair, combine white-white and yellow icing colors and brush onto 12 lengths of spaghetti, 4 in. long; let dry.

Step 5

Paint eyes with white-white and pupils with black icing color. For nose, combine orange color with white-white and brush on.

Step 6

Paint cheeks with rose and mouth with black icing color. Insert lollipop sticks at top edge of pie to support hat.

Step 7

Position eyes, nose and hat. Insert hair below hat. Shape fabric into a scarf and position.